Top 6 Causes of Commercial Water Damage

Posted on Sep 29, 2020

We know first hand how disastrous commercial water damage can be, and how it can impact your business. Acting quickly to mitigate water damage is crucial, which is why it’s important for all businesses to know the common causes of commercial water damage, how to spot them, and what to do if you find signs of water damage in your office building or commercial property. 

Top causes of commercial water damage and how to handle them:

Broken or Damaged Pipes

Understanding the Characteristics of Water Damage

Many factors could cause the pipes in your building to become damaged or even burst. For example, freezing temperatures and a change in pressure are just one of the many.  A few ways to tell if you have water damage due to pipe issues is if you notice water stains on your building’s walls, floors, or ceilings, cracked or loose tiles, or if you notice a musty smell in the area. If you find any of these signs, don’t wait, call a professional to help you find the root cause and help to stop the spread before further damage is done. Sometimes it can be difficult to identify the issue, which is why water damage professionals utilize water leak detection tools and equipment in order to make sure all sources of leaking pipes are discovered and fixed. 

Leaking Sprinkler Systems

Similar to damaged pipes, if there is a problem with your building’s sprinkler system, it could lead to leaks and water damage. Look out for wet walls and carpets, mold or a musty smell, or any standing water in your building. These clues could indicate an issue with your sprinkler system that should be addressed right away. Be sure to inspect your system often for potential leaks to help prevent damage. 

Damaged Roof 

Roof damage can be caused by extreme weather like heavy winds, rain or snowfall. It can also be caused by improper roof maintenance, missing shingles, or if an item such as a tree trunk fell on the roof and caused structural damage. A damaged roof will result in leaking water that may cause secondary damages to the ceiling such as mold damage. Be sure to regularly check your roof for signs of damage and provide maintenance as needed. 

Damaged HVAC System 

hvac repair

Maintaining a clean HVAC system is essential for keeping your commercial premises safe and comfortable for your employees and customers. Over time, HVAC ducts can begin to wear out or get damaged, which will lead to water leakage. In order to avoid these issues or spot them early, commercial HVAC systems should be regularly cleaned and maintained by a professional. 

Window Damage

Another common cause of commercial water damage is damage to the windows or their seals. Damaged windows or windows without a proper seal will allow moisture and water to seep into the building. Left unresolved, the excess moisture will lead to mold, warped or damaged wood, and more water damage. As part of routine building maintenance, make sure that the windows are sealed and not damaged, and that necessary caulking is reapplied occasionally since it will wear naturally with time. 

Severe Weather or Natural Disasters

Water Damage Restoration Company Nashville. TN

Flash floods, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and more severe weather can of course cause significant damage to your property, including water damage. While you can’t prevent these natural disasters from happening, there are some precautionary steps you can take to make sure your commercial property is in good shape and is as prepared as possible for these events. Make sure that your property is equipped with a proper drainage system, and that the gutters are regularly cleaned and are clear of any debris and blockage. Also make sure to have a disaster response plan in place before a disaster strikes, to help make sure the issue is resolved as quickly as possible. 

Water intrusion, flooding, leaks, or water damage after a fire at a commercial building all come with an additional series of obstacles that differ from residential water damage. Since these issues can present a health risk to employees or customers, as well as a financial risk for the business to close temporarily while the issues are mitigated, timing is very important. However, the last thing you want to do is rush the job or not take the proper steps you need, or else it could end up taking even longer and causing further damage. That’s why partnering with a trusted commercial water damage restoration company can help you throughout the mitigation process effectively and efficiently.